Cable Afghan - Fiber Therapy

Fiber Therapy – Warm and Fuzzy

I am just passed my 2 weeks post surgical date (cervical spine fusion). Time for some fiber therapy. I started a “mindless” crochet project before going in thinking I could pick it up and keep myself busy while recuperating. I was thinking that crocheting would be easier and safer while on pain meds. Well none […]

Listen To Your Yarn, Learn It’s Language

Good yarn requires patience and listening. And why put your efforts and talent into anything but? Learning to speak the language of your yarn is tricky yet vital to your success. I know how to do this and I can teach you. The listening really should start in the yarn shop. Walk into your favorite […]

Spinning wool

Dizzy Spinning

Remember when you were little and you’d spin around and around until you fell down? Or sit on the swing and wind it up and lift your feet and “weeeee” around you’d go? How about the merry-go-round? Hang on tight so you don’t fly off, especially if a big kid was pushing! You’d go so […]

A Four Letter Word: MOTH

We fibery people never say it. It’s taboo. If you say it, it might happen to you. An infestation the likes of one of the great plagues. “MOTH! AHHH!!!” (run screaming in all directions like in the old movie “The Blob”.) What we are really talking about here is Tinea pellionella. The casemaking clothes moth. These […]