Spinning wool

Dizzy Spinning

Remember when you were little and you’d spin around and around until you fell down? Or sit on the swing and wind it up and lift your feet and “weeeee” around you’d go? How about the merry-go-round? Hang on tight so you don’t fly off, especially if a big kid was pushing! You’d go so fast that your head would bob and your neck felt weak.

I’ve been spinning a lot lately. Not on a merry-go-round or swing, but on my spinning wheel. Yeah I feel dizzy. I am working on a beautiful Coopworth (a breed of sheep) and silk blend from Hidden Valley Farm and Woolen Mill. It’s a color they call Wheat Fields, but I think more New Penny. Anyway, when I bought it I was thinking, “get at least 2 pounds”, since that’s about what it takes to make a sweater. I’m not sure if my math skills were dormant that day or what, but I must have at least 3 pounds. It seems like I’ve been spinning this stuff forever! I have a half pound ball of roving to go. I still love the color. I’m not sure what it wants to be yet. I’m listening…

Besides this great rust color, I have a nice blue, also a Coopworth and silk blend, and a raw fleece that is only part scoured. This is what is really calling me since I want to play with dyeing. Today would be perfect to wash some and set it out to dry.

Spinning wheelI often find myself wandering from room to room, dizzy with confusion and anticipation over which fun thing to do today. Spin? Knit? Sew? Garden? Responsibility takes over at about 9am and I do my chores. I never have been able to play before work. Wonder where I get that trait?

So I’ll whiz through the vacuum/dust routine, unload the dishwasher, fold the laundry, etc., and then sit on the patio in my beautiful garden and pick a vehicle on which to get dizzy. I’ll likely finish the New Penny.


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