Post-Surgical Fun


Have you seen “Despicable Me 2″? C’mon now, laughter is the best medicine. Well I’ve been having a little post-surgical fun.

In the movie there is an Igor-like character named Dr Nafario. This is funny enough in itself to me. He is old. Old enough to need a motorized scooter-like contraption. It, like the ones in every Walmart I’ve ever been in, is very slow and in need of new batteries. At one point he is bidding farewell to the minions, all waving and sobbing but soon getting uncomfortable with how long it’s taking the Dr’s scooter to move out already.

The parallel here is the electric Laz y boy chair that my son has let me borrow during my recovery. This has been a most generous offer since getting me in and out of my big recliner last time was quite an effort and took several helpers. (I don’t have any memory of this due to a more than adequate dose of pain meds.) This chair has a remote control with 2 large simple, easy to understand buttons. One says, “up”. The other says, “down”. In the case of this chair, “up” means hold down this button and eventually the chair will stand you up. Cool! “Down”, on the other hand, will eventually lay you almost completely flat for a blissful nap. I am not familiar with Laz y boy’s other models, but this one has 1 speed. Sloooow! This is a very practical feature. We wouldn’t want whiplash or vertigo or a sudden drop in blood pressure etc. However, in my case, I do have the occasional need for urgency to the bathroom; or if the dogs need to go out; or there is someone at the door; or I am hungry; need to take a shower; or have an appointment next week. (etc. etc.)

Also, during my surgery there must have been some wires crossed, because every time I need to press the “up” button I press the “down” button. The chair makes quite a loud creaking noise which is my indication that something isn’t right, but honestly, we are moving so slow that i don’t really notice that I’m going in the wrong direction!

Stanley and Stella love to sit on my lap especially during this convalescence stage. They have both figured out that the “down” button (the creaky one) is going to raise the footrest and reclining will continue and, thus their naps. But the “up” button means, “weeee let’s slide off Mom’s lap like a toddler at the park”. Stella just slowly oozes off onto the floor like caramel waiting to be poured onto ice cream.

As I’ve said, this chair has been very helpful for those trying to maneuver my “trailer” onto too narrow a parking slab. My previous chair is beyond repair. I believe there is some chair shopping in my near future. I wonder if Laz y boy makes a sporty coupe? I’m feeling a bit too spry for the senior citizen model. In any case, why not have a little fun post-surgery? I hear that Laz y boy makes a chair with a built in heater and a massager!


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