Here We Go Again

It hasn’t been two years since the last surgery I had on my neck. Here we go again. I say “we” because this is a major family effort. Hubby will be taking vacation. My daughter is taking a leave from grad school. My son has offered to be here with me when ever needed. My Mom and Pop will help out on Saturdays. Julie is going to come down and give daughter a break, and many more friends and loved ones have stepped up. I am so blessed and grateful to everyone.

According to personal legend, I am quite the comedian while on pain meds. I don’t remember a thing from last time. I’ve been told that I just don’t shut up about all sorts of wild ideas. I’ve also been told that none of them bothered to hide their snickers and grins. One of them actually took a video! I’ve said it before…Don’t put this on Facebook!! Haha!



Everyone is asking if I’m nervous. I’m not. I have a calmness that I can’t explain. Maybe it’s resolve. I was calm about it last time too. Why get anxious over it? I love my surgeon and the team that will be working on me. I am in great hands.

Now depression is another issue. I got very depressed after my last surgery. I think that coming off pain meds didn’t help, but I really had to mourn the lost of a lifestyle and potential future things I had to take off my “bucket list”, so to speak. I am feeling a bit of that this time, but I am prepared. I know what to expect this time.

I won’t be adding posts for a while. I’ll be back asap. Here we go again…

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3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. marjee

    You are amazing! You have been since the day you were born! You always have had a great wisdom about you and an inner light that gives without thought or reason to those in need. It is a pleasure to be able to give back in any way that I can. I love you.

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