Fresh Paint! the beginning…

fresh paint

fresh paint

I can’t think of a better way to begin a new year than with a coat of fresh paint. It’s clean and unblemished. A canvas of possibilities. Seriously stirred up chi! Yeah! Just what I like my new year to be.

My husband and I had been considering a major relocation to Portland, OR. Since those plans changed we decided to give the house we are in a face-lift. We have been here for almost 10 years. I know it got a slap-it-on-get-it-sold coat of paint before we bought it. I have done some painting over the years, but never seemed to get to the bedrooms and especially the closets. Hubby has a friend who is a painter/artist. His price was good, so he started on the 30th of December.


I had a good idea of what colors I wanted where. We had been talking about going almost zen/minimalist in the living room. My hubby hates knickknacks. I was thinking very light gray for the walls with a few touches of navy blue. On this particular evening, I was feeling very “let’s do this together”. I invited hubby, who is color blind, to come with me to pick out colors. What was I thinking?

There we are in Home Depot in front of the paper rainbow wall of colors! I grab a few pale grays from the wall and move to the more colorful side for bedroom choices when Hubby says, “Whoa, where are you going to put that?”, pointing to my sample of “mourning dove”. I say, “What?, It’s like the dining room only lighter”. He says, “I hate the dining room”. “Crap”, I think to myself. “Well what color would you like to paint the living room”?, I ask with only a little sarcasm showing. He moves to a section of the rainbow that, well frankly, I just don’t care for and think it should be reserved for hunters and highway construction workers. He grabs a card that might as well have had a name on it like “Circus Peanuts on the beach in Cabo”. (you know, the candy circus peanuts that are made out of styrofoam and high fructose corn syrup and squeak when they touch your teeth. shudder) I ask him what color he thinks it is that he’s holding. “I don’t know, TAN!” he replies rather huffily. I grab the circus peanuts from his hand and move to the “tan” section of the rainbow wall. I hastily select several samples, all of Home Depot’s brochures, and a few idea cards for the bedrooms. I make an about-face and head for the car. He’s confused but follows. He has not yet realized that he has won, I have conceded. The living room will be “tan” and he will soon be home all comfy in front of his computer again.

When we get home I pick 2 colors for the living room and a color for each of the 3 bedrooms. He approves and we are good to go, It took about 5 minutes. I should have just told him that my “mourning dove” was “tan”.

A little side note: Have you met my hubby? He’s the one in the tan pants with the tan shirt. His shoes are tan, his coat is tan, his glasses are tan. When he is not wearing tan, he’s wearing gray. “Mourning dove” gray.

The next day Andy the painter arrives with all the equipment etc. We decided to do all the trim in white. Oil base. High gloss. It’s smelly, but I’m banking on my liver to process the toxins efficiently. I am concerned about the hubby’s liver. I figured we’d open the windows, put on some sweaters and deal with it. I wasn’t banking on the coldest temperatures in 50 years! Yep, it was -20° and I was sleeping with my window open over my bed. We managed fine. I actually like to sleep over-bundled if I can have my nose sticking out and one foot. Sort of like camping! The dogs were not so sure. They did not like the smell or the cold at all. Stanley kept looking into the closet and barking like there was a malevolent presence there that was about to cause us all to expire. At least now I know who will save me if the carbon monoxide detector fails!

If you noticed the date on this post, it’s January 10th. Andy has put in 9 days of painting and I must say, I am impressed. He took off all of the doors, removed hinges etc. and soaked and cleaned all the hardware. Even the screws! He says, “Might as well do it right”! I went and bought all new door knobs. The old ones were beyond patina’d. The living room is almost done. The smallest bedroom needs another coat on the walls, miscellaneous trim is in various stages of coating. The closets will likely go together this weekend. I bought 4 rolls of con-tact paper to re-do the shelves in all the closets. Oooh, I can’t wait! I am so excited about having everything clean and fresh at once. Nothing is going back into closets unless we’ve used it recently. Goodwill is going to get a truckload.

In future posts I will talk about what we are going to do with the living room carpeting, the furniture and the window treatments. For now, here are a few pictures so you can see some fresh paint for yourselves!

before...whitewashed paneling and green walls.

before…whitewashed paneling and green walls.

living room with white on shelf

living room with white on shelf.

upper is Behr paint's "tribal pottery". lower is also Behr "sienna dust".

Darker tan in Behr’s tribal pottery. Lighter one is Behr’s sienna dust.


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