crock pickles

Gilly’s 24 hour crock pickles

This recipe is one of my favorites from Grandma Gilly. It’s cucumber time! Get a nice old crock and make some pickles. These are quick, delicious and keep well in the fridge.


My Homemade Granola

No stranger to granola am I, being a child of the 70’s. I remember the TV ad for Grape Nuts with Euell Gibbons telling America that, “Many parts of a pine tree are edible.” “Yuck!” I thought. My Mom joined the health food revolution with Adelle Davis and her book, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.” […]


Procrastination—What’s up with that?

I’ve been contemplating this affliction of mine for some time. I’ve researched and discovered that I am not alone and it is not new. Procrastination—what’s up with that? Sometimes I am aware that I am procrastinating. I realize that I am wandering from room to room, not accomplishing anything. Other times I will realize that […]

To Wheat or Not To Wheat?

To wheat or not to wheat? There is a lot of fuss about this these days. Is it just another diet fad? Is there something to the “science” in the book Wheat Belly by William Davis? Here is my two cents. Warning: You are about to witness me using the “H” word several times. I […]


Listen To Your Yarn, Learn It’s Language

Good yarn requires patience and listening. And why put your efforts and talent into anything but? Learning to speak the language of your yarn is tricky yet vital to your success. I know how to do this and I can teach you. The listening really should start in the yarn shop. Walk into your favorite […]